cut costs

Description of cost saving scenarios

In areas without electricity, people usually use diesel generators to generate electricity. With the shortage of oil and gas resources, the prices of diesel and gasoline have also risen, causing the cost of diesel power generation to rise. In order to save power generation costs, we can increase the solar power generation system to bear part of the power supply. Solar energy generates electricity when there is sufficient light during the day, and diesel generator sets generate electricity at night and under insufficient light. According to the analysis of actual data, increasing the solar power generation system can reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generators and reduce the cost of power generation.

User demand for cost-saving power supply

Reduce fuel consumption: Increase solar energy can significantly reduce diesel consumption, thereby reducing diesel transportation costs and operation and maintenance costs of diesel units; Stable power supply: choose solar power as the main power supply, battery packs and diesel generator sets as supplementary power supply system The intelligent control of the power grid control system can provide users with a stable power supply, reducing the daily operation and maintenance and management of the system.

Cost saving power supply solution

The entire microgrid power supply system is composed of solar power (photovoltaic power generation) as the main power supply, battery packs as temporary energy mediation power supplies, and diesel generator sets as backup power supplies. The system efficiently uses the power generated by solar energy to power the electricity facilities in the building. Diesel generator sets are generally used at night or rainy days.

Structure diagram of microgrid power supply system

Technical characteristics of stable power supply in microgrid


The system makes full use of solar power, and diesel generators form an auxiliary power supply, which can greatly reduce diesel consumption and maintenance costs of generator sets (including diesel transportation, storage, safety, equipment maintenance, maintenance, etc.).

02Fast switching technology

Seamless switching: The microgrid power supply system can operate on-grid or off-grid (island), and can seamlessly switch between on-grid and off-grid operating modes.

03Stability control technology

The micro-grid system solution is suitable for areas where the power grid often fails or the power quality is not high. The battery energy storage system supported by the microgrid can not only solve the problems of distributed power and sudden load changes that plague the development and application of new energy power supply, but also improve the stability of the connection of renewable energy power generation systems.

04Intelligent centralized control technology

The microgrid system has a built-in microgrid controller, which contains professional logic control program packages, to realize real-time mode control of the microgrid system, real-time dynamic adjustment of power supply and load, and to ensure the safe and stable operation of the microgrid system.

05Remote management technology

Through the monitoring subsystem and energy management subsystem of the microgrid, remote real-time monitoring, data analysis, and system maintenance of the microgrid system can be achieved.

06Efficient construction process

All products can be modularized and productized, and the construction is simple and fast, which can achieve the goal of power supply in a short time. Later expansion is convenient, and maintenance cost is low.

Power generation unit

Product 1: Photovoltaic modules (monocrystalline & polycrystalline) Type: Solar power
Product 2: Fixed bracket (hot-dip galvanized steel structure) Type: Fixed structure of solar panel
Accessories: photovoltaic dedicated cables and connectors, and slave accessories for solar panel fixing brackets
* According to the site requirements of different monitoring systems, three types of pillars, scaffolds and roofs (solar panel fixed structure) are provided for users to choose

Power storage unit

Product 1: Lead-acid battery pack Type: Power storage device

Accessories 1: battery cable
Used for the connection between lead-acid batteries and the lead-out cable bus of the battery pack

Accessories 2: battery box
A special protective box for the battery pack buried in the outdoor underground, with the functions of moisture proof, waterproof and rat proof

Power distribution unit

Product 1: Optical storage off-grid inverter
Type: Invert (transform) a DC power supply into an AC power supply to provide power for electrical equipment

Product 2: DC distribution box
Type: Customized lightning protection DC power distribution products for solar energy, storage batteries, and electrical equipment

Product 3: AC distribution box
Type: Overcurrent and overload protection of electrical appliances, distribution of AC power and detection of access to mains

Accessories: DC power distribution cable
Including photovoltaic, storage battery, DC power distribution, surge protection cable, and attachment materials for equipment fixing

control unit

Product 1: Quick Change Switch Type: Energy Control

Product 2: Microgrid Controller Strategy Control

Product 3: Grid-connected controller during the same period Type: Grid-connected control

Product 4: Energy Digital Gateway (optional) Type: Energy Monitoring

* The power storage unit, power distribution unit, and control unit can be directly integrated into a container box according to user needs.

Project actual case

Project location: Hainan Qionghai

System type: Optical storage AC power supply system (Grid-connected)

Electrical equipment: production line equipment, staff dormitory, kitchen appliances, etc.

Project location: Zunyi, Guizhou

System type: Microgrid AC power supply system (Grid-connected)

Electrical equipment: medical equipment, employee dormitory, living appliances, etc.