Outdoor construction

Outdoor construction scene description

Electric tools are often used in the process of outdoor construction, which are mainly equipped with power supply (battery module) and external power supply. The power tools with their own power supply can only rely on the battery for a period of time, and they still rely on the external power supply for a long time. The power tools that rely on the external power supply also need to have power supply to power it to work properly.

Optical storage and power supply system

 The whole optical power storage and power supply system adopts integrated DC bus technology, which combines photovoltaic electronics system, battery energy storage subsystem, DC distribution electronic system, other subordinate systems and so on organically, and makes full use of the clean, green and environmentally friendly power emitted by solar energy to supply power to the electrical equipment stably. The system provides AC 220V and DC 24V power supply, and uses battery energy storage subsystem to buffer electricity consumption and quickly adjust power balance. The whole power supply system provides safe, reliable and stable power supply capacity for electrical equipment, and meets the power demand of all kinds of outdoor construction.

Demand for electricity consumption in outdoor construction

Detachable movable light weight fast assembly large amount of electricity enough power long life maintenance-free

Schematic diagram of optical storage AC power supply system

Structure Diagram of Optical Storage AC Power supply system

Technical characteristics of Light Storage and Power supply in Outdoor Construction

01system with sufficient power

The optical storage integrated machine is equipped with high power off-grid inverter products, which can directly drive electric welding machine, electric pick, cutting machine, electric drill and other commonly used power tools. The system has 5 × 7 times overload capacity, which can meet the operation of electric equipment with excessive starting load, such as water pump, motor and so on.

02large storage capacity

The system is generally equipped with a large number of batteries, which can meet the needs of conventional outdoor construction power tools all day. Solar power generation units can be installed during long-term outdoor construction, and the system can charge batteries through solar energy during daytime construction.

03stable control technology

The optical storage and power supply system includes stable control technology for new energy, which supports the tracking of the maximum solar power generation and the multi-charge and discharge management control of the battery pack. The product quality is excellent, suitable for a variety of outdoor construction conditions, such as: desert, island, highway, Gobi and so on.

04intelligent centralized control technology

The whole system is composed of photovoltaic power generation unit and optical storage integrated machine, which completes the product and technology integration of a variety of energy management in the equipment. The equipment operation is simple and convenient, will automatically charge the battery pack, according to different electrical equipment automatically adjust the power output.

05product Seiko building

Photovoltaic modules have sufficient power and good quality, and the quality assurance period is as long as ten years. The internal equipment of the optical storage integrated machine is a product independently developed by our company, and has provided services for China's oil and gas, marine island power supply and military energy system for many years.

06easy to use on site

Short-term outdoor construction can directly use the optical storage machine to power the power tools on the spot. During the long-term outdoor construction, the solar panel (photovoltaic module) can be directly connected with the optical storage integrated machine, and the solar automatic power generation can charge the equipment. The whole installation and construction process is simple and rapid, and the power supply goal can be achieved in a short period of time.

Power generation unit

Product 1: photovoltaic module (single crystal-polycrystal) type: solar power generation
Product 2: fixed bracket (hot-dip galvanized steel structure) type: fixed structure of solar panel
Accessories: accessories for photovoltaic cables and connectors, as well as solar panel fixtures
*provide three types of columns, scaffolding and roof (solar panel fixed structure) for users to choose from, depending on the on-site requirements of different monitoring systems

Power storage unit

Product 1: lead acid battery pack type: power storage device

Accessory 1: battery cable
Cable bus for lead-acid battery connection and battery pack

Accessory 2: battery box
It is a special protective box buried in outdoor and underground for battery pack, which has the functions of moisture proof, waterproofing, rodent prevention and so on.

distribution cabinet

distribution cabinet

distribution cabinet

Distribution unit

Product 1: optical storage and off-grid inverter
Type: invert (convert) DC power supply into AC power supply to supply power to electric equipment

Product 2: DC distribution box
Type: DC distribution products for custom protection of solar energy, batteries and electrical equipment

Product 3: ac distribution box
Type: protection of overcurrent overload of electrical appliances, distribution of AC power supply and detection of municipal power access

Product 4: energy Digital Gateway (optional)
Type: energy monitoring

Accessories: DC distribution cable
Including photovoltaic, battery, DC distribution, surge lightning protection cable, as well as fixed accessories of the equipment

Actual project case

Project location: Liangshan, Sichuan

System type: optical storage AC power supply system (grid-connected)

Electrical equipment: teaching office (air conditioning, fan, computer, lighting, water dispenser, microwave oven)

Project location: Wuwei, Gansu Province

System type: microgrid AC power supply system (off-grid type)

Electrical equipment: outdoor construction (television, mobile phone charging, kitchen appliances, household appliances, power tools)