Remote monitoring

Description of solar monitoring scene

In the absence of electricity outdoors, solar power generation is used for video surveillance, Industrial remote monitoring (oil and gas field pipeline, valve, air monitoring, pollution source monitoring, etc.), Industrial DC electrical equipment (PLC, communication module, sensor, indicator light, Outdoor advertising, video, audio, etc.) to provide a long-term stable power supply program.

Monitoring equipment demand

1 . There is no power supply junction box, the monitoring system has nowhere to get electricity.
2 . Although there is an junction box, it needs long distance wiring to supply power to the monitoring system.
3 . Although there is power supply to the monitoring equipment, but the power supply can not guarantee the long-term power supply.
4 . The overall power consumption of the monitoring system is small, and it is basically DC power equipment.

Diagram of Optical Storage DC Power supply system

Optical storage DC power supply system

The system uses solar energy as the power supply, equipped with a certain storage capacity of the battery pack, using DC bus technology to provide 24V DC power supply for the monitoring equipment through the optical storage DC controller. The system uses solar power generation, battery storage and optical storage DC controller to intelligently control solar power generation and battery charge and discharge, to provide long-term stable power supply for monitoring equipment, to ensure that monitoring equipment has electricity and continuously collect data for a long time, and to ensure the normal operation of cloud platform monitoring function.

Technical characteristics of Optical Storage and Power supply


Complete power supply function

The structure of optical storage DC power supply system is reasonable and the integration of internal products is high. The optical storage DC controller can supply power to a variety of devices with different voltage levels at the same time, and the product intelligence adapts to different voltage levels, which saves users the cost of increasing a variety of switching power supplies due to different voltage levels.


Real-time monitoring technology

The company's optical storage DC controller has Bluetooth, Internet of things, serial port and other communication methods, supporting a variety of conventional communication protocols. The optical storage DC controller has the real-time operation data and status of the whole system, and transmits it to the cloud monitoring platform through the energy digital gateway to provide customers with one-hand local actual power supply data.


The operation and maintenance of the system is convenient

The quality of the key products of the system is reliable, and the whole modular design and construction are adopted. The system is basically maintenance-free during the quality assurance period, and the power supply capacity of the system can be quickly restored by replacing the faulty equipment module.


Site construction is simple

The construction is simple and rapid, all the software and hardware products have achieved modularization and production, and can achieve the goal of power supply in the short term. The later expansion is convenient and the maintenance cost is low.


Stable control technology

The company's optical storage DC controller adopts military grade design and production quality requirements, which can ensure the continuous and stable power supply for user monitoring equipment. The advanced energy control algorithm can not only reduce the loss of its own equipment in the conventional operation state, but also provide a stable energy control mode according to the demand characteristics of the electrical equipment.

1. Power generation unit

Product 1: photovoltaic module (single crystal-polycrystal) type: solar power generation.
Product 2: fixed support (hot-dip galvanized steel structure) type: fixed structure of solar panel.
Accessories: photovoltaic special cables and connectors, as well as solar panel fixed support accessories.
Note: according to the field requirements of different monitoring systems, the company provides columns, scaffolding, roof and other three types (solar panel fixed structure) for users to choose from.

2. Power storage unit

Product 1: lead-acid battery pack, type: power storage device.
Accessories 1: battery cable, used for lead-acid battery connection and battery pack extraction cable bus.
Accessories 2: battery box, battery pack buried in the outdoor underground special protection box, with moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-rodent and other functions.

3. Distribution unit

Product 1: optical storage DC controller
Types: charge and discharge control and energy management strategy control
Product 2: DC distribution box
Type: DC distribution products that provide lightning protection for solar energy, batteries and electrical equipment
Product 3: energy Digital Gateway (optional)
Type: energy monitoring
Accessories: DC distribution connection lines (photovoltaic, battery, DC distribution, surge lightning protection), as well as fixed accessories for equipment
It is clear that the storage unit and the distribution unit can be directly integrated into a box according to the needs of the user. Under this condition, the battery is placed inside the box.

Actual project case

Project location: Jilin

System type: optical storage DC power supply system (off-grid type)

Electrical equipment: forest protection monitoring equipment (switch, photoelectric conversion, gateway, sensor, buzzer, indicator light)

Project location: Africa

System type: optical storage DC power supply system (off-grid type)

Electrical equipment: logistics and transportation (lighting, mobile phone charging)