Island power

Description of island power supply scenario

Using solar, wind and other new energy as the main energy sources on the island can not only solve the diesel consumption and transportation problems of diesel power generation, but also benefit from the clean and renewable characteristics of solar and wind energy, and also solve the noise pollution of diesel power generation And environmental pollution.

Island microgrid power supply system

The island microgrid power supply system uses new energy (photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation) as the main power source, the diesel generator set as the backup power source, and the battery energy storage as the regulated power source. Factories and residents provide a comprehensive power supply system with stable power supply.

Multiple needs for island energy

1. The cost of laying submarine cables is high: the investment cost of laying submarine cables from the land to power islands is huge, and it is difficult to maintain in the future;
2. Large consumption of diesel generating sets: large diesel consumption, difficult transportation of fuel, noise pollution and environmental pollution during operation;
3. Difficulties in power consumption in island factories: During peak season, there are basically difficulties in power supply in nurseries, breeding farms, processing plants, etc .;
4. Outdated power facilities on the island: In today's rapid economic development, the island's public facilities also need to meet the needs of economic development.

System structure drawing

Technical characteristics of microgrid power supply


Making full use of solar power as the main power source and diesel generators as auxiliary power sources can reduce diesel consumption and maintenance costs of generator sets to a greater extent (including diesel transportation, storage, safety, equipment maintenance, maintenance, etc.).

Fast switching technology

The microgrid power supply system can be operated on-grid or off-grid (island), and seamless switching can be achieved between on-grid and off-grid operating modes. It does not affect the normal operation of the running equipment, and the load switching time is <10 ms.

Stability control technology

The micro-grid system solution is suitable for areas where the power grid often fails or the power quality is not high. The battery energy storage system supported by the microgrid can not only solve the problems of distributed power and sudden load changes that plague the development and application of new energy power supply, but also improve the stability of the connection of renewable energy power generation systems.

Intelligent centralized control technology

The microgrid system has a built-in microgrid controller, which contains professional logic control program packages, to realize real-time mode control of the microgrid system, real-time dynamic adjustment of power supply and load, and to ensure the safe and stable operation of the microgrid system.

Remote management technology

Through the monitoring and management functions of the optical storage power supply system, remote real-time monitoring and data analysis of the power supply system can be achieved. Engineers can solve the fault online remotely, which can reduce the maintenance cost of on-site service.

Easy system operation and maintenance

The quality of the key products of the system is reliable, and the overall modular design and construction are adopted. The system is basically maintenance-free during the warranty period, and the power supply capacity of the system can be quickly restored by replacing the failed device module.

Microgrid power supply · System configuration

1. Power generation unit

Product 1: Photovoltaic module (monocrystalline & polycrystalline) Type: Solar power generation;
Product 2: Fixed bracket (hot-dip galvanized steel structure) Type: Fixed structure of solar panel;
Accessories: special cables and connectors for photovoltaics, and subordinate accessories for solar panel fixing brackets;
Note 1: According to the on-site requirements of different monitoring systems, three types of pillars, scaffolds and roofs (solar panel fixed structure) are provided for users to choose;
Note 2: Solar power or wind power can be selected as the main power generation unit according to the natural conditions of the actual island; solar power is the most common new energy;

2. Power storage unit

Product 1: Lead-acid battery pack or lithium iron phosphate battery pack
Type: power storage device
Accessory 1: Battery connection cable, exclusively used for the connection between lead-acid batteries and the outlet cable bus of the battery pack;
Accessory 2: The battery box is a special protective box for the battery pack buried in the outdoor underground, which has the functions of moisture proof, waterproof and mouse proof;
Remarks: According to the actual needs of users, provide solutions for lithium iron phosphate battery packs.

3. Power distribution unit

Product 1. Optical storage inverter
Type: Real-time inverter conversion between DC power supply and AC power supply Product 2. DC distribution box
Type: Customized lightning protection DC power distribution products for solar energy, storage batteries, and electrical equipment
Product 3. AC distribution box
Type: Over-current and overload protection equipment, distribution of AC power and detection of plant power access

Note: The energy storage unit and power distribution unit can be directly integrated into the container box according to user needs.

4.control unit

Product 1: Quick Change Switch Type: Energy Control

Product 2: Microgrid Controller Strategy Control

Product 3: Grid-connected controller during the same period Type: Grid-connected control

Product 4: Energy Digital Gateway (optional) Type: Energy Monitoring

* The power storage unit, power distribution unit, and control unit can be directly integrated into a container box according to user needs.

Actual project Cases

Project location: Yantai, Shandong

System type: Microgrid AC power supply system (off-grid type)

Electrical equipment: seawater desalination plant, sewage treatment plant, garbage treatment plant, seafood processing plant, cold storage, domestic electricity

Project location: Yantai, Shandong

System type: Microgrid AC power supply system (off-grid type)

Electrical equipment: desalination plants, domestic electricity