Family scenario

Family scenario

The power supply is imperative if we want to build houses in scenic area. We can provide stable electrical support for the house and keep all the electrical equipment in the house working continuously. New energy generation can completely solve the life problems caused by no electricity.

The family optical storage system uses the solar energy as the power source, equipped with a certain storage capacity of the battery group, the use of dc bus technology, through the optical storage integrated machine will be the dc power supply into the ac power supply, for the family living conventional electrical power supply. Replace electricity with clean renewable energy to power household lighting, outlets, appliances, kitchen appliances and heating.

Advantages of New Energy

1. Continuous Stability: household electricity needs long-term stability, can replace the city electricity;
2. Safe and Reliable: ensure the operation safety of electrical equipment for refrigeration in summer and heating in winter;
3. Save Money: don't worry about the trouble caused by electricity and power failure;
4. Environmental Protection: there is no oil smoke, exhaust gas and noise in the process of power generation, and no interference to the living environment;

Optical Storage and Power Supply System Structure

The optical storage and power supply system adopts integrated dc bus technology, which organically combines photovoltaic power generation subsystem, battery energy storage subsystem, dc distribution subsystem and other subordinate systems, so as to make full use of the clean, green and environmentally friendly electricity generated by solar energy to provide stable power supply for home appliances. The system provides two kinds of ac 220V and dc 24V power supply. The system USES the battery energy storage subsystem to buffer the power consumption and adjust the power balance rapidly. The whole power supply system provides safe, reliable and stable power supply capacity for the family residence, and meets the power supply demand of various household appliances and lighting.

Schematic diagram of optical storage ac power supply system

Complete system function

The optical storage ac power supply system has a reasonable structure and its own system. The dividing point can be equipped with fast switch, relay protection, synchronizing device, measuring and controlling device, which has the ability of fast breaking and perfect relay protection.

Quick switching technique

Seamless switching: the power supply system can be connected to the network, can also operate on the island, the network, the network can achieve seamless fast switching between different working modes.

Stability control technique

Optical storage and power supply system can not only solve the problems that trouble the development and application of power supply system, such as distributed power supply and sudden change of load, but also improve the stability of renewable energy power generation connected to power grid.

Intelligent centralized control technology

Power supply system central controller built-in professional logic control software. Through the system integration technology, realize the new energy access, distribution intelligence, electricity intelligence, complete the power supply system information integration and sharing, comprehensive energy monitoring, stable operation.

Remote management technology

Through the monitoring and management function of the optical storage and power supply system, the real-time monitoring and data analysis of the remote power supply system can be realized. Engineers can solve the problem remotely online, which can reduce the maintenance cost of on-site service.

Simple field construction

The construction is simple and quick, all the hardware and software products have realized modularization and productization, and the power supply target can be achieved in a short time. Later expansion is convenient and maintenance cost is low.

1. Power generation unit

Product 1: photovoltaic modules (single crystal & polycrystalline) type: solar power generation;
Product 2: fixed bracket (hot-dip galvanized steel structure) type: fixed structure of solar panel;
Accessories: photovoltaic special cables and connectors, as well as auxiliary accessories of solar panel fixed bracket;
Note: according to the site requirements of different monitoring systems, the company provides three types (fixed structure of solar panels) of column, scaffolding and roof for users to choose;

2. Power storage unit

Product 1: lead acid battery, type: storage device;
Accessory 1: battery connection wire, used for connection between lead-acid batteries and lead out cable bus of battery pack;
Accessory 2: battery box body, battery pack buried in the outdoor underground special protection box body, with moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-rat and other functions;

3. Distribution unit

Product 1: optical storage dc controller
Type: charge and discharge control and energy management strategy control
Product 2: optical storage off-grid inverter
Type: convert the dc power supply into the ac power supply to supply the electric appliances
Product 3: dc distribution box
Type: dc power distribution products that provide lightning protection for solar energy, battery and electric equipment
Product 4: ac distribution box
Type: protection of household appliances over - current load, distribution of ac power supply and access to the city power detection
Product 5: energy digital gateway (optional)
Type: energy monitoring
Accessories: dc power distribution cable (photovoltaic, battery, dc power distribution, surge lightning protection), as well as accessories for fixed equipment

Note: the storage unit and distribution unit can be directly integrated into a box according to the user's needs. In this condition, the battery is placed inside the box.

Actual project Cases

Project location: Hong Kong, China

System type: optical storage ac power supply system (grid-connected)

Electrical equipment: home appliances (TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, computer, lighting), kitchen appliances (rice cooker, soybean milk machine, microwave oven)

Project location: jiangyin, wuxi

System type: optical storage ac power supply system (grid-connected)

Electrical equipment: home appliances (TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, computer, lighting), kitchen appliances (rice cooker, soybean milk machine, microwave oven)