Stable power supply scenario description

Stable power supply scenario description

  Countries and regions with underdeveloped infrastructure often suffer from power failure, which seriously affects the production and operation of factories. It is understood that these power outages are often random, not only to the production and life of serious impact, but also may lead to a variety of safety risks and major accidents. Micro-grid power supply system can effectively eliminate the impact of random power outage in factories and enterprises. The built-in quick switching switch of the system can detect the state of the municipal power grid in real time. When there is no power in the municipal power grid, it will immediately switch to the battery energy storage mode to continue the power supply. System switching time is very fast, to ensure that electrical equipment is not affected. When the grid comes on again, the quick switch can switch to the side of the grid or continue to use solar power to power the user.

Stable power supply user demand

Solve the problem of power failure: the production of the factory is no longer affected by the power failure of the state grid (power company), so as to ensure the daily production tasks and office power supply;

Reduce power purchase cost: reduce power purchase cost for enterprises and factories, and establish independent power supply system that can be controlled by them;

Stable power supply solution

  The whole micro-grid power supply system is composed of photovoltaic power generation subsystem, battery energy storage subsystem, diesel generator set, intelligent distribution subsystem, and fast switching device, etc. The fast switching switch can quickly switch between municipal power supply and solar power generation. The microgrid system makes efficient use of the electricity generated by the solar energy as the main energy source to power the factory or the building. Micro-grid power supply system also includes energy monitoring and intelligent control functions, real-time monitoring of the city's power grid and electricity consumption, automatic operation and control of solar energy, battery, diesel generator and other energy collaborative operation.

Microgrid power supply system structure diagram

Characteristics of stable power supply technology of micro-grid

01High efficiency and cost saving

The system makes full use of solar energy to generate electricity, and diesel generator forms auxiliary power supply, which can greatly reduce diesel consumption and maintenance cost of the generator set (including diesel transportation, storage, safety, equipment maintenance, maintenance, etc.).

02Quick switching technique

Seamless switching: the micro-grid power supply system can be connected to the grid or run off-grid (isolated island). Seamless switching can be realized between connected and off-grid working modes.

03Stability control technique

The scheme of microgrid system is suitable for the areas with frequent power outages or low power quality. The battery energy storage system supported by the micro power grid can not only solve the problems that trouble the development and application of new energy power supply such as distributed power supply and load mutation, but also improve the stability of renewable energy power generation system access.

04Intelligent centralized control technology

The microgrid system is equipped with a microgrid controller, which contains professional logic control package to realize real-time mode control of the microgrid system and real-time dynamic adjustment of power supply and load, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the microgrid system.

05Remote management technology

Real-time monitoring, data analysis and system maintenance of the micro-grid system can be realized through the monitoring subsystem and energy management subsystem of the micro-grid system.

06Efficient construction process

All products can be modular, productization, simple and rapid construction, can achieve short-term power supply goals. Later expansion is convenient and maintenance cost is low.

Power generation units

Product 1: photovoltaic modules (single crystal & polycrystalline) type: solar power generation
Product 2: fixed bracket (hot dip galvanized steel structure) type: fixed structure of solar panel
Accessories: accessory accessories for photovoltaic cables and connectors, and solar panel mounting bracket
* according to the site requirements of different monitoring systems, three types of columns, scaffolding and roof (solar panel fixed structure) are provided for users to choose

Storage unit

Product 1: lead acid battery type: storage device

Accessory 1: battery cable
Used for wiring between lead-acid batteries and lead - out cable bus for battery packs

Accessory 2: battery body
For the battery pack buried in the outdoor underground special protection box, with moistureproof, waterproof, anti-rat and other functions

The power distribution unit

Product 1: optical storage off-grid inverter
Type: convert the dc power supply into the ac power supply to supply the electric equipment

Product 2: dc distribution box
Type: dc power distribution products with lightning protection for solar energy, battery and electric equipment

Product 3: ac distribution box
Type: protection of over - current load, distribution of ac power supply and the detection of mains access

Accessories: dc distribution cable
Including photovoltaic, battery, dc power distribution, surge lightning protection cable, and equipment fixed accessories

The control unit

Product 1: quick switch type: energy control

Product 2: microgrid controller strategy control

Product 3: synchronous grid-connected controller type: grid-connected control

Product 4: energy digital gateway (optional) type: energy monitoring

* the storage unit, distribution unit and control unit can be directly integrated into a container according to the user's needs.

Actual project Cases

Project location: bachu county, xinjiang

System type: micro grid ac power supply system (off-grid type)

Electrical equipment: medical treatment (refrigerator, medical equipment), domestic electricity (refrigerator, TV, oxygen generator, kitchen appliances, water purification equipment)

Project location: ningxia army post

System type: micro grid ac power supply system (off-grid type)

Electrical equipment: communication electricity (teleconferencing, video monitoring, communication room), domestic electricity (refrigerator, TV, oxygen generator, kitchen appliances, water purification equipment)