Vehicle Charging Scenario

Description of vehicle charging scenario

The optical storage and charging energy system uses solar energy in the parking shed to generate electricity or uses the electricity stored at night to power the car charging pile to provide charging services to the electric vehicle. Electric vehicle charging pile is installed in public buildings and residential parking lot or charging station, according to different voltage levels for various types of electric vehicle charging equipment.

Optical energy storage and charging system

Optical storage and charging energy system uses new energy as the main energy to provide charging and related energy services for electric vehicles. The system is composed of photovoltaic power generation system, battery energy storage subsystem, intelligent electronic distribution system, and charging pile equipment. The battery pack is used as the regulating energy to cut the peak and fill the valley for the internal power grid, and the system gives priority to the new energy to supply power to the charging pile, and efficiently manages the automatic charging service of the automobile.

User requirements for vehicle charging

1. Efficient use of parking shed: make full use of parking shed or other roof to install solar components, use solar energy to generate electricity;
2. Provide free parking service: provide free parking service for rechargeable electric vehicle;
3. Earn a variety of energy benefits: investment in new energy solar power generation and efficient use of batteries to cut peaks and fill valleys for the power grid;

Structure Diagram of Optical Storage and charging Energy system

Technical characteristics of Optical Storage and charging system

High efficiency and cost saving

Making full use of solar power as the main power supply and diesel generator as auxiliary power supply can greatly reduce diesel consumption and maintenance costs (including diesel transportation, storage, safety, equipment maintenance, etc.).

Fast switching technology

Micro-grid power supply system can be connected to the grid, or off-grid (isolated island) operation, and the seamless switching between the grid-connected and off-grid working mode can be realized. Does not affect the normal operation of the running device, with a load switching time of less than 10 milliseconds.

Stable control technology

The microgrid system scheme is suitable for areas where the power grid is often cut off or the power quality is not high. The battery energy storage system of microgrid can not only solve the problems of distributed power supply and load mutation, which puzzles the development and application of new energy power supply, but also improve the stability of renewable energy power generation system access.

Intelligent centralized control technology

Microgrid system has built-in micro-grid controller, including professional logic control program package, to achieve real-time mode control of micro-grid system, real-time dynamic adjustment of power supply and load, to ensure the safe and stable operation of micro-grid system.

Remote management technology

Through the monitoring and management function of the optical storage power supply system, the remote real-time monitoring and data analysis of the power supply system can be realized. Engineers can solve fault problems remotely online, which can reduce the maintenance cost of door-to-door service.

The operation and maintenance of the system is convenient.

The quality of the key products of the system is reliable, and the whole modular design and construction are adopted. The system is basically maintenance-free during the quality assurance period, and the power supply capacity of the system can be quickly restored by replacing the faulty equipment module.

Configuration of microgrid power supply system

1. Power generation unit

Product 1: photovoltaic module (single crystal-polycrystal) type: solar power generation;
Product 2: fixed support (hot-dip galvanized steel structure) type: fixed structure of solar panel;
Accessories: photovoltaic special cables and connectors, as well as solar panel fixed support accessories;
Note 1: according to the field requirements of different monitoring systems, provide columns, scaffolding, roof three types (solar panel fixed structure) for users to choose from;
Note 2: solar power generation or wind power generation can be selected as the main power generation unit according to the natural conditions of the actual island; solar power generation is the most common new energy source;

2. Power storage unit

Product 1: lead acid battery pack or lithium iron phosphate battery pack
Type: power storage device;
Accessories 1: battery cable, used exclusively for lead-acid battery connection and battery pack extraction cable bus;
Accessories 2: battery box, for the battery pack buried in the outdoor underground special protection box, with moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-rodent and so on;
Note: according to the actual needs of users, provide the scheme of lithium iron phosphate battery pack.

3. Distribution unit

Product 1. Optical storage inverter
Type: real-time inverter conversion between DC power supply and AC power supply
Product 2. DC distribution box
Type: DC distribution products for custom protection of solar energy, batteries and electrical equipment
Product 3. Ac distribution box
Type: protection equipment overcurrent overload, distribution of AC power supply and detection of factory power access

Description: the energy storage unit and the distribution unit can be directly integrated into the container according to the needs of the user.

4. Control unit

Product 1. Type of Fast switching switch: energy Control
Product 2. Type of Microgrid Controller: policy Control
Product 3. Type of simultaneous grid-connected controller: grid-connected control
Product 4. Type of Energy Digital Gateway (optional): energy Monitoring
Description: power storage unit, distribution unit, control unit can be directly integrated into a container according to the needs of users.

Actual project case

Project location: Zhengzhou, Henan Province

System type: optical storage and charging energy management system (grid-connected)

Electrical equipment: security doorman, landscape light, charging pile, domestic electricity, etc.

Project location: Langfang, Hebei Province

System type: optical storage and charging energy management system (grid-connected)

Electrical equipment: security doorman, landscape light, charging pile, domestic electricity, etc.