Reminder of Payment


Financial security is vital

Dear customers, due to frequent Internet fraud cases and the difficulty of detecting cross-border fraud cases, both of us need to pay attention to the security of funds during the transaction process. Based on our experience and lessons learned, the following considerations are listed here to help us minimize the potential for phishing scams. I hope that you read this article carefully before making any payments and check the instructions below.

1. Pay attention to the sender's email address and communication method

It is possible for fraudsters to monitor your email content over the long term. After the scammer gets your email password through the Trojan, it will log in to your email and monitor your email for a long time without any exceptions during this period. However, when the email involves information such as payment, the scammer will use the approximate email address prepared in advance to falsify the identity of the other party and ask you to pay the money to the new bank. Therefore, when you have doubts about the identity of the other party, you should first confirm whether the other party's mailbox name and language expression have changed.

All of our office mailboxes end with or

2. Check the payment bank account

Please pay attention to the payment bank path you get. The regular company will not ask you to pay the account to the third-party company for reasons such as tax avoidance and evasion supervision. All bank information we provide is an account with Beijing Meckey Engineering Co. as the payee.

3. Contact us via instant messaging software

We don't just connect with you via email, so you can quickly contact us through Skype, whatsapp and other instant messaging tools before you prepare to pay, or if you have any questions, to prevent accidents.

Contact us by contacting us.

4. Please call before you start paying.

To keep your money safe, you can call us before you pay, and the two contacts below understand the whole process of your business. Please ask them to make sure they are not experiencing fraud.

Mrs. Meng: +86 13801122510 Mr. Ji: +86 13521459427

5. After payment, please send us the water bill as soon as possible.

According to our real experience, we successfully recovered the loss for our customers by checking the customer's payment list as soon as possible. After you have paid, please send us the water bill as soon as possible. We can confirm whether your remittance path is related to us. If there is fraud, notify your payment bank in time to stop the payment to the liar's account.

I hope that through our joint efforts, we will avoid the loss of our friendly cooperation due to fraud!