All-In-One PV Storage Station

Product introduction:

PVB series 3-phase offline PV control inverter all in one station uses the design of integrating charging controller, inverter and transformer. PV controller uses the design of MPPT control algorithm and smart battery management, smart and efficient; Inverter uses pure sine wave outputing, isolated by power frequency transformer, three phase outputing allows 100% unbalanced load, guarantee the AC outputing stablly and reliablly, suitable for different electric equipment. The system can use city electricity/ diesel generator’s AC input (optional), for raw diesel generator supplying condition, second hand generator can be also used, saving the intial investment and maintain cost

PVB series station uses controller as modular design, can be set flexibly, inverter output powder covers from 10KVA to 60KVA. Is able to supply the electricity for far mountain area, pastoral area, island and communication base station that is without city electricity or gas valve room. Help the customer create the best social, economic and environment benefit.

Product Application:


Product Characters:

Product Specification:

Model MKSE-SPK1020 
Input Spec. (PV side) 
MPPT Voltage Range(Vdc) 250~450
Max. Input Voltage(Vdc) 460
Suggested Working Voltage(Vdc) 330
Max. Controlling module 2
Inverter Output Spec.
Output Voltage(Vac) 3/N/PE, 380/400
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Rated Power(kVA) 10
Output Current Peak Factor 3:1
Output Power Factor 0.8
Overload Capability 105%~110%, 10 Min; 110%~125%. 1 Min; >125%, 10 s
Output Voltage Harmonic THDU<3%,  Linear load; THDU<5%, NonLinear load
Isolation Method Power frequency transformer
Rated Battery Voltage(Vdc) 220
Battery Type Lead-acid or Li-Ion
Basic Spec.
Working temp. Range(℃) -20~50, >50℃ Need use down frequency
Working Humidity 0~95% No condensation
Working Altitude(m) <6000(>3000m Need work intervally)
Display Method LCD+LED 
Communication Connector RS485,干接点
Protection Function
Protecting Level IP20 
Dimension (L/W/H) 460/560/1050
Weight(kg) 150
PV Control Medule
Medule Model PVC22050-ESS
Control Method MPPT control
MPPT Efficiency 99.5%
Max. Efficiency 98.0%
MPPT Voltage Range(Vdc) 250~450
Max. Input Voltage(Vdc) 460
Max. Input Power(kW) 11
Max. Input Current(A) 45
Output Voltage Range(Vdc) 192~264
Max. Output Current(A) 50
Module Dimension (L/W/H) 356/415/84.5
Module Weight(kg) 11